योगदान द्या

How to contribute to make this guide better.

This is a crowd sourced guide and is meant to be always updated with the latest development in COVID-19. For that we need help from awesome contributors and volunteers.

Using Github (If you are not a developer)

1. Sigin up at https://github.com/

2. Visit coronasafe repository

A repository is where we keep the file. You can view it by visiting https://github.com/coronasafe/coronasafe.in

3. Find the file you want to Update

Each file in the repository is an article in corona safe. You can find the file you are looking for by searching it. Example: If i want to update FAQ, I can search FAQ on the top left bar

Find the file you want to change and update the file. Follow this content https://help.github.com/en/github/managing-files-in-a-repository/editing-files-in-your-repository

If you are stuck. Join our slack channel http://slack.coronasafe.in/ and ask for help.

Forking the Repository

  1. Create a new file with .md extension.

  2. Update the path to file in README.md (The front page) & SUMMARY.md (for ordering in sidebar)

  3. Use Markdown language for updating the script.

  4. Make a PR for merge.

Using Email

Drop us an email at [email protected]